Litzler Mechanical Components

Metering Rolls

Metering Roll 4 R UMAX PL-II V1.5 [3]

The heart of a system is the saturation or coating of the resin and precision of the coating thickness.
Gap measurements are precise and repeatable through a proven gap setting mechanism. Standard roll tolerances are: .0002″(.005mm),.0001″(.0025mm), and .00005″(.00125mm) T.I.R. as required for each application.Production tested designs include:

  • Gap adjustment allowing side-to-side variation
  • Servo-controlled or manual gap adjustment
  • Durable air-operated doctor blades with drain pans
  • Adjustable dip rolls for web gauge compensation
  • Air-tight enclosure with exceptional access through doors and removable glass panels
  • Tungsten carbide coated rolls for superior abrasion resistance to abrasive resins
  • Stainless steel and nickel-plated components to prevent corrosion and facilitate quick cleaning
  • Heated/cooled tanks to precisely control resin temperatures






Mayer Rod Coater


Litzler Mayer Rod Coaters feature easily removable, replaceable and
adjustable Mayer rods/bars. Adjustment can be manual or automatic to suit specific requirements.



Turret and fixed dual stations are available with brakes or AC vector driven control of unwind tension.

Splice Press

Splice Press

Continuous processing is facilitated by heated pneumatic splice presses to bond the fabric ends quickly and safely.



Fabric storage during roll stops allows continuous operation. Litzler accumulators provide accurate tracking with precise floating carriage alignment.

The “EZ” thread design features a straight-through web path when the accumulator is not engaged to reduce the roller contact with the web prior to resin application.


To cool the web after the oven, a set of driven cooling rolls is supplied. These double shell cooling rolls offer the maximum heat transfer to cool the web before windup. Several slitting options are available for edge trim, including dust collection and trim removal. Quickdraft® trim removal systems are also available.

Cooling & Edge Trim


Litzler offers turret and stationary windups to match each process need. Products requiring an interliner are supplied with easily removable unwinds with precise tension control.