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Quickdraft is the industry-leading innovator in Venturi Pneumatic Conveying and Exhaust Systems – with more installations across the material handling industry than all our competitors combined. Quickdraft systems offer tremendous advantages over standard conveyors and exhausters providing 24/7 reliability for virtually maintenance free, continuous operations while offering numerous operational benefits. Every Quickdraft project is custom designed and built with seamless integration between engineering and manufacturing.



PSC provides Radio Frequency, Microwave and Combination Heating and Drying Systems. We are unique with all of these technologies under one roof. PSC created the industry standard RF dryer for fiberglass manufacturers around the world. PSC provides cutting edge technology to the food processing industry with pioneering RF and Microwave food tempering that eliminates waste and spoilage.
With state of the art laboratory facilities, PSC custom solutions can significantly improve your drying processes.



Litzler-Foudy provides Tire Cord, Single End, and Conveyor Belt Machines for emerging markets. We have engineering, assembly, service and support based in our Shanghai offices. Litzler-Foudy Machines are installed regionally in China and in locations around the world.


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Litzler Shanghai is committed to sales and support for Asian markets providing rapid sales and service responses in-country for all Litzler products.